Web Technologies


Learn the language of the web. Every single page which you have ever seen on the web are written in HTML. So start with HTML first.


HTML is the markup and CSS works as styler i.e. it styles your web page. CSS saves a lot of work for you. Start Learning!


What Javascript says web-browser(firefox, google chrome, Internet Explorer etc) does. It is as simple as that. It makes your browser do things which you want.



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Start a Project

Learn Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the most useful HTML, CSS and JQuery framework which can save you a lot of time and headache while creating web applications.

Why learn Bootstrap?

  • Pre-built navigation
  • Pre-built CSS classes
  • Cut development time in half

Make a static website

Now that you have hand on experience with web technologies. We suggest you put your new found skills to test so that you know what have you gained.

Why ?

Because you can and what's the point of learning if you don't use that knowledge to create something cool.

Make an interactive website

It's important that you learn to hand code static websites but they are not useful on their own. It is the era of user interactivity. So learn how to do it.

Why do this?

If you have completed all of the courses, you have enough knowledge to tackle any kind of project, you can imagine and now is the time to create one of your own.